Diversity Programs

The Multicultural Services Office is designed to enhance and coordinate college-wide efforts to promote and support cultural diversity. The office exists to enhance the multicultural experience of students, faculty, and staff on campus and individuals in the surrounding community. Awareness of diversity issues is raised through the dissemination of information and promotion of programs addressing multicultural issues. A sense of multicultural community is maintained through collaboration and interaction with departments and individual faculty members within the college.

Services Offered:

  • Access Educational accessibility and new student recruitment activities including participation in SPC information booths at area events and visits to surrounding high schools
  • Collaborations with other educational institutions and community agencies, for example:
    • Preparing for College Fairs (Texas Tech University Raiders Rojos Alumni)
    • Fiesta Campesina (Plainview agricultural celebration)


  • Academic advisement and resource awareness for entering and current students


  • Individual diversity advisement with students and faculty
  • Student group advisement and support of multicultural organizations:
    • Black Student Organization (BSO)
    • International Student Organization
    • Hispanic Student Organization (HSO)
  • Campus cultural celebrations, for example: Hispanic Heritage Month, Fiestas Patrias (Diez y Seis de Septiembre, Cinco de Mayo), Black History Month, and the Cesar Chavez Celebration
  • Diversity awareness seminars for students, faculty, and staff
  • Diversity resources for faculty and staff


Maria Lopez-Strong

Advisor / Multicultural Services Coordinator
Lubbock Center
(806) 716-2562