Getting the most out of an educational experience is a top priority for students, teachers and parents. South Plains College recognizes the importance of allowing highly motivated students the opportunity to earn college credit while still in high school.

The Dual Credit Program at South Plains College allows eligible students to enroll in college-level courses and earn college credit while a junior or senior in high school. In certain cases, these college credit courses can be applied toward the student's high school credit requirements for graduation.

DUAL CREDIT refers to the granting of high school graduation credit for college courses taken through South Plains College. The policies of the local independent school district govern the granting of such credit for the high school.


Download a Dual Credit Student Handbook

Eligible Courses

South Plains College has identified a number of courses which may be taken for dual credit. Dual Credit students take core courses commonly required for any bachelor's degree program at most universities. Academic credit received at South Plains College is fully transferable to Texas public universities. Courses available at the high schools may be found by contacting counselors from the high schools listed on the Dual Credit High School Partners page.

Enrollment in Dual Credit Courses

Students wishing to participate should talk with their parents and high school counselor before enrolling. Then, the student must obtain a Dual Credit and Concurrent Enrollment Approval form from the Dual Credit Office at SPC and have the form signed by a parent and their high school principal. Students will need to submit an Application for Admission, the Dual Credit and Concurrent Enrollment Approval form, a current high school transcript, and current test scores indicating TSI compliance to the Dual Credit Office at SPC. Click here for Dual Credit Forms for Enrollment.

Students may be able to claim a TSI Exemption through qualifying ACT or SAT scores or prior dual credit coursework that has been completed with a passing grade. Qualifying ACT scores will be a Composite of 23 with a minimum score of 19 on Math and a minimum score of 19 on English.  Qualifying SAT scores prior to March 5, 2016 are a Combined Score of 1070 with a minimum of 500 on Math and a minimum of 500 on English Language Arts (ELA). Students cannot claim ACT or SAT exemption on Math or English if they do not meet the Composite or Combines Score first. Qualifying SAT scores on or after March 5, 2016 are a EBRW with a minimum of 480 and/or a Math with a minimum of 530. Students cannot mix scores from old and new version of SAT test.

Students who do not meet a TSI exemption, may qualify to enroll in dual credit courses by achieving the minimum cut scores on the TSI Assessment. Acceptable TSI-A scores are Math 350, Reading 351 and Writing 363 with a minimum of 4 on the Essay. Students can also become compliant in Writing with a score of 5 or higher on the Essay, even if they do not achieve the 363 on the Writing questions.