List of Hard Copy Periodicals at the Reese Center

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Explanation of symbols:

* Indicates Current Subscritpions


* AARC Times
1993-present, v. 17-present

Adult Basic Education
1992-2003, v. 2-13

American Baby
2001-2012, v.63-74

* American Journal of Nursing
2001-present, v. 101-present

* AORN Journal
1991-present, v. 53-present

Applied Radiology
1990-2012, v.19-41 

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Canadian Journal of Medical Radiation Technology
1990-2007, v.21-38

* Car and Driver
2010-present, v. 55-present

* Chronicle of Higher Education
2007-present, v. 53-present  (currently received in electronic form)

* College Composition and Communication
2002-present, v. 53-present

* Communication Briefings
2001-present, v. 20-present  (currently received in electronic form)

Community College Journal
1994-2007, v.64-78

* Computer Videomaker
2003-present, v. 17-present

* Cooking Light
2005-present, v. 19-present

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* Dimensions of Early Childhood
2001-present, v. 29-present

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Early Childhood Education Journal
1995-2008, v. 23-35

* Eating Well
2005-present, v. 4-present

2007-present, v.62-present

* Entertainment Weekly
2007-present, No. 913-present

Exchange (formerly Childcare Information Exchange)
2002-present, v. 24-present

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Facts and Findings
1991-2012, v.17-39

* Family Circle
2006-present, v.119-present

For the Record
1999-2013, v.11-25

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* Good Housekeeping
2007-present, v.244-present

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* Health
2005-present, v.19-present

* Hockley County News-Press
Current Year Available

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Innovations in Early Education
2000-2011, v.7-18

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JAAMT (Journal of the American Association of Medical Transcription)
1992-2007, v.11-26

* Jet
2006-present, v.109-present

Journal of Allied Health
1996-2013, v.25-42

* Journal of Gerontological Nursing
2002-present, v.28-present

Journal of Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences
2008-present, v.39-present

* Journal of Practical Nursing
2002-present, v.28-present

* Journal of Teaching Writing
2001-present, v.19-present

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Legal Assistant Today
1992-2009, v.9-26

* Lubbock Avalanche-Journal
Current Year Available

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* MCN: The American Journal of Maternal Child Nursing
2002-present, v.27-present

* Motor Trend
2010-present, v.62-present

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NAHE (Newsletter for Nursing and Allied Health Educators)
1994-2006, v.3-15

National Paralegal Reporter
1992-2013, v. 17-37

New England Journal of Medicine
2000-2011, v.342-365

Nurse Educator
1995-2007, v.20-32

* Nursing
1999-present, v.29-present

* Nursing Made Incredibly Easy
2005-present, v.3-present

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2002-present, v.62-present

* Office Professional
2002-present, v.22-present

* Organized Executive
2005-present, v.10-present  (currently received in electronic form)

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1995-2008 v.9-22

* Parents
2001-present, v.77-present

* People
2007-present, v.66-present

* People en Español
2013-present, v. 17-present

* Plainsman Press
Local Holdings Available

* Poder Hispanic
2010-present, v.75-present

* Prevention
2008-present, v.60-present

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* Radiologic Technology
2005-present, v.76-present

* Reader’s Digest
2004-present, v.170-present

* Respiratory Care
2002-present, v.47-present

* RN
1992-2009, v.55-72

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Scholastic Early Childhood Today
1993-2007, v.8-21

* Scholastic Parent and Child
2007-present, v.14-present

Secretary’s Letter/Secrets and Strategies for Office Professionals
1993-2001, v.6-14

* Self
2002-present, v.24-present

* ShopSmart
2009-present, v.4-present

* Southern Living
2002-present, v.37-present

* Sports Illustrated
2004-present, v.99-present

* Surgical Technologist
2002-present, v.34-present

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* Teaching English in the Two-Year College
2002-present, v.30-present

Technical Communication Quarterly
1995-2012, v.4-21

* Teaching Children Mathematics
Current seven years

* Texas Bar Journal
2001-present, v.64-present

* Texas Child Care
2000-present, v.24-present

* Texas Monthly
2002-present, v.30-present

Texas Nursing
1994-2002, v.68-76

* Texas Parks and Wildlife
2008-present, v.67-present

Texas Realtor
1996-2013, v.49-66

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* Wall Street Journal
Current Year Available

* Working Mother
2001-present, v.24-present

The Writing Center Journal
1995-2012, v.15-32

The Writing Lab Newsletter
1994-2012, v.19-36

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* YC (Young Children)
2002-present, v.57-present

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