Copyright Information

Basic Information:

Campus Guide to Copyright Compliance for Academic Institutions-guide from the Copyright Clearance Center.

Crash Course in Copyright-online publication developed by Georgia K. Harper, copyright lawyer and manager of the Intellectual Property Section of the Office of General Counsel for the University of Texas system.  Access to the site is freely extended to all universities and colleges.

Copyright Overview-produced by Purdue this overview covers basic information about copyright and using materials for classroom and online use.

Cornell Copyright Information Center-provides good overall information and this useful chart Copyright Term and the Public Domain in the United States.

Sanford Copyright & Fair Use - is current up to date information about many aspects of copyright.  It focuses on copyright in education and libraries.


Official Sites:
Reproduction of Copyrighted Works by Educators and Librarians-also known as "Circular 21", this PDF file is the Copyright Office's basic document on some of the most important legislative provisions and other information dealing with reproduction by educators and librarians.

United States Copyright Office-home page of the agency. Includes copyright basics, registration information, FAQs, information on the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, and an abundance of other links and information.

Getting Permission: site promises to acquire permissions for educators in "real-time" for photocopying from books, journals, and magazines for course packs and classroom handouts. Registration is free, but users must pay applicable royalties plus a small handling fee for each request.