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Adams, Amanda

Administrative Assistant to the English & Communications Departments

2431 CM Levelland
Agirre, Ester
Cashier 4617 Bldg 8 Reese
Aipperspach, Candice Instructor in Fine Arts 2892 FA Levelland
Albus, Karol Instructor in Mathematics 2543 M Levelland
Alexander, Ben Placement Counselor 4608 Bldg 8-815 Reese
Alford, Scott Financial Aid Loan Coordinator 2514 FA Levelland
Allen,Stanlee Instructor in Welding Technology 2945 Welding Levelland
Alonzo, Billy Assistant Professor in Tele-Communications 2436 CM-129 Levelland
Alvarado, Hope Director of Nursing Learning Resource Lab 2494  AH-114A Levelland
Amos, Tammy Administrative Assistant to the Creative Arts Department 2281 CB-102 Levelland
Anderson, Christi Director of Guidance and Counseling 2364 SS Levelland
Anderson, Dennis Assistant Director for Guidance and Counseling 2912 Bldg 8-818 Reese
Anderson, Katherine Public Services Librarian 2303 LIB Levelland
Aranda, Amanda Admissions Clerk 2902 Bldg. 8 Reese
Arant, Becky Testing Assistant 2530  SS Levelland
Archer, Jim Assistant Professor of Psychology 4668 Bldg. 4-405B Reese
Awbrey, Brandon Academic Transfer Counselor 2362  SS Levelland


SPC Reese Evening Director 4666  Bldg. 8 Reese

+ Revised 09/14


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