Police Academy Faculty

Joe Wise

Law Enforcement Technology Program Coordinator

Basic Police Academy Coordinator, Assistant Professor of Law Enforcement Technology

M.S.; West Texas A&M University, B.S.O.E. Wayland Baptist University

 Contact Information:

Office: LE 6 Room 110, Levelland

Phone: 806.716.2356

Email: jwise@southplainscollege.edu

Curriculum Vitae


CJLE 1506.001 SUM15 ACAD                CJLE 1175.001 SUM15 ACAD

CJLE 1512.001 SUM15 ACAD                CJLE 1176.001 SUM15 ACAD

CJLE 1518.001 SUM15 ACAD                CJLE 1177.001 SUM15 ACAD

CJLE 1524.001 SUM15 ACAD                CJLE 1178.001 SUM15 ACAD


Evening 2014/2015 SYLLABI

CJLE 1506.001 14/15 ACAD                 CJLE 1175.001 14/15 ACAD  

CJLE 1512.001 14/15 ACAD                 CJLE 1176.001 14/15 ACAD

CJLE 1518.001 14/15 ACAD                 CJLE 1177.001 14/15 ACAD                

CJLE 1524.001 14/15 ACAD                 CJLE 1178.001 14/15 ACAD



CJLE 1506.001 FA13 1ST QTR               CJLE 1175.001 FA13 1ST QTR

CJLE 1512.001 FA13 2ND QTR              CJLE 1176.001 FA13 2ND QTR

CJLE 1518.001 SP14 3RD QTR              CJLE 1177.001 SP14 3RD QTR

CJLE 1524.001 SP14 4TH QTR              CJLE 1178.001 SP14 4TH QTR



CJLE 1175.001 SUM14 ACAD                   CJLE 1176.001 SUM14 ACAD

CJLE 1177.001 SUM14 ACAD                   CJLE 1178.001 SUM14 ACAD

CJLE 1506.001 SUM14 ACAD                   CJLE 1512.001 SUM14 ACAD                  

CJLE 1518.001 SUM14 ACAD                   CJLE 1524.001 SUM14 ACAD 


Kenny Burns 

Assistant Professor of Law Enforcement 
M.S. Midwestern State University; B.A.A.S. Midwestern State University, A.A.S. Western Texas College;Basic Law Enforcement Academy Certificate Odessa College

Contact Information:

Office: LE 6 Room 111, Levelland

Phone: 806.716.2357

Email: kburns@southplainscollege.edu

Curriculum Vitae


Randy Robertson

Department Chair Professional Services and Energy 

Assistant Professor of Law Enforcement
M.P.A. Texas Tech University; B.S.O.E. Wayland Baptist University, A.A.S. South Plains College

Contact Information:

Office: LE 6 Room 105, Levelland

Phone: 806.716.2342

Email: rrobertson@southplainscollege.edu

Curriculum Vitae



Instructor of Law Enforcement 

M.S. Capella University, B.S.O.E. Wayland Baptist University, A.A.S. South Plains College

Contact Information:

Office: LE 6 Rm 112, Levelland

Phone: 806.716.2558

Email: sscott@southplainscollege.edu

Curriculum Vitae






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