What is South Plains College’s QEP?
“ESP @ SPC” - South Plains College has developed a comprehensive advising program as its Quality Enhancement Plan. Students are the primary focus of the QEP for South Plains College, more specifically the coaching they receive from faculty members. The Educational Success Plan (ESP) will prepare our students to navigate through their years of study at SPC and give them the tools they will need as they go beyond our doors and on the path towards achieving their life and career goals.  Out of our desire to help our incoming and current students, we have developed three goals which encompass what we hope to achieve with our ESP.


Goal 1:  South Plains College students will develop an Educational Success Plan with the assistance of their academic coach. 

Goal 2: Students will identify and refine their life and career plans.

Goal 3: Students will establish and progress through their academic plan.

Student Learning Outcomes

The student learning outcomes came out of a desire to help our students reflect on their past, make quality decisions for the present and plan for their future. The three primary components of this are reflection, responsibility and planning:

Reflection – South Plains College students will reflect on their past experiences to help shape their future academic goals.

Responsibility – South Plains College Students will develop individual responsibility and accountability.

Planning – South Plains College Students will learn to set goals in order to help accomplish their current academic and future career plans.

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Download the complete QEP here (ESP@SPC)

Download the SACSCOC Committee October 2013 presentation. (pdf version)

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