The Communication Department provides courses of instruction in the areas of Broadcast Journalism, Foreign Language, Photojournalism, Public Relations, Speech Communication, and Radio, Television and Film.  The objectives and primary purposes of the department include:

1.) providing students who plan to major in one of the communication study areas a current curriculum that is transferable to a four-year university for completion of a baccalaureate degree;

2.) providing students majoring in other disciplines an opportunity to satisfy the communication course requirements for their degrees; and

3.) providing interested persons knowledge and application of various communication skills.

The Communication Department is committed to standards of excellence in instruction and fostering a learning environment conducive to the student's pursuit of individual educational interest.

Departmental chairperson is Charlie Ehrenfeld, Assistant Professor of Journalism.


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Speech Communication

SPCH 1311 - Introduction to Speech Communication

This course is a beginning course in speech communication which clarifies general principles of communication common to all settings. The course applies communication concepts and skills improvements to interpersonal and public speaking settings. Semester Hours: 3 Lecture Hours: 3 Lab Hours (Theory based) 

Course Content:  The Nature of Communication,  Perception,  Self-Awareness and Self-Concept,  Interpersonal Relationships,  Developing Relationships,  Group & Team Communication, Topic Selection and Audience Analysis,  Communication Apprehension and Speaker Credibility,  Organization, Visual Aids, and Delivery of a Presentation

Assignments will include 2  Major Presentations, Exams and Written Assignments exploring Intrapersonal and Interpersonal Communication and Public Speaking. 


SPCH 1315 - Public Speaking

Research, composition, organization, and delivery of speeches for various purposes and occasions with emphasis on listener analysis and informative and persuasive techniques. Semester Hours: 3 Lecture Hours: 3 Lab Hours (Performance based) 

Course Content:  Communication Process/Elements,  Levels of Communication,  Formats of Public Speaking(manuscript,memorized,extemporaneous,impromptu),  Audience/Occasion Analysis,  Topic Selection,  Research/Source Citing,  Sensory Aids,  Delivery – Verbal,Vocal and Nonverbal Improvement,  Listening,  Communication Apprehension,  Informative Presentations,  Persuasive Presentations,  Special Occasion Presentations,  Small Group Communication/Team Presentations

Assignments will include  5 Major Presentations, Outlines, Peer and Self Critiques and Exams.


SPCH 1321 - Business and Professional Speech

This course includes the basic principles of speech applied to communications in business and professional settings. The course emphasizes practice in the construction and delivery of various types of speaking situations and the application of interpersonal skills that occur in a business, organizational, or professional setting. Semester Hours: 3 Lecture Hours: 3 Lab Hours: (Writing based) This course is a junior level course on the University level, but it will transfer only as freshman or sophomore level credit.

Course Content:   Communication Process,  Communication Systems and Cultures,  Verbal/Non Verbal Communication,  Listening,  Interviewing Process,  Small Group Communication,  Public Speaking

Assignments will include a  Communication Analysis Project,  Career Focused, Information Gathering Interview,  Cover Letter & Resume,  Individual Presentations,  Group Presentation, and exams.

Foreign Language 

For the first time, South Plains College offers online Spanish courses beginning in January 2019. For more information on Foreign Language Program, please click here.