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Tutors are available to SPC students for FREE! We look forward to helping you succeed in your classes.

To schedule a tutoring session, select the campus you would like to go to for tutoring or "Live Virtual Tutoring" for live online tutoring with a SPC tutor, then follow the link to the booking page.

  • To book an appointment with a tutor at the Levelland Campus, please click HERE
  • To book an appointment with a tutor at the Reese Center, please click HERE.
  • To book an appointment with a tutor at the Lubbock Center, please click HERE.
  • To book an appointment with a tutor at the Plainview Center, please click HERE.
  • To book a Live Virtual Tutoring appointment with a SPC tutor, please click HERE.

 To find the location of your tutoring appointment at the Levelland campus, Reese Center, Lubbock Center, or Plainview Center and list of each tutor at each campus, the subject(s) they tutor, their location, and their email addresses, click on Tutors from the menu below.

Instructions on how to access the Live Virtual Tutoring appointment, a list of live virtual SPC tutors, the subject(s) they tutor, and their email addresses are available by clicking on Live Virtual Tutoring from the menu below.


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 Levelland Tutors:

Bradley // BIOL1308, 1406, 1407, 1408, and 1409

Located in the Library - 2nd floor, West Study Room

Email: bmelton2317@southplainscollege.edu


Hamzah // Math through Cal I

Located in the Math Building - Math Lab 116

Email: halnaser0992@southplainscollege.edu


Reese Center Tutors:

 Clive // Writing

Located in the Writing Center, Building 3 - 307E

Email: cjames@southplainscollege.edu


Lubbock Center Tutors:

Ozzie // Math through Cal I and Writing

Located in the Student Learning Center

Email: osantos1473@southplainscollege.edu


Patty // Math through MATH1314 College Algebra

Located in the Student Learning Center

Email: pwijaya@southplainscollege.edu


Plainview Center Tutor:

Trinny  // BCIS1305// Business  //  Accounting // Writing // MATH0315, 0320, 0314+1314, 1314, and 1322 // PSYC2314 // Speech // Microsoft Office help // SPC Campus Technology  (MySPC, Texan Connect, Blackboard, SPC Email) Help

Located in Room 126

Email: tmarroquin2932@southplainscollege.edu


At the bottom of the booking form, please fill out all required information using your SPC student email as your email address.

All of our live virtual sessions with SPC tutors will occur in a Tutor.com Meeting Space. In order for the tutor to set this up, you must first login to Blackboard, then click on Tutor.com on the left side of the page. Once you have done this, please email your tutor to let him/her know. The tutor will set up the Meeting Space, and you will receive a confirmation email in your SPC student Outlook email with instructions on how to access your session. Checking your SPC student Outlook email will be very important and will help us connect with you in a quick manner!


Live Virtual Tutors:

Krista // Accounting // Business (Not BUSI2305) // BCIS1305

Email: kadams7155@southplainscollege.edu


Malini // MATH0315, 0320, 0314+1314, 1314, 0337, 0332+1332, 1332, 1324, 1325, 1316, 2412, 2413 // BUIS2305

Email: mparameswaran@southplainscollege.edu


Tharusha // MATH0315 , 0320, 0314+1314, 1314, and 1342 // CHEM1406 and 1411 // BIOL1308, 1406, 1407, 1408, 1409, 2401, and 2420

Email: pfernando6499@southplainscollege.edu





 Help videos on how to book appointments, accessing Meeting Spaces for your live virtual tutoring session, and accessing Tutor.com tutors are available in the Tutoring Information link on the right side of this page.


Contact for tutoring related questions, such as how to become a tutor, how to access Tutor.com, or concerns with a tutor or the program is:

Cody Thackerson
Academic Support Coordinator