The primary objective of the Kinesiology majors and non-majors in physical education.  Still another objective is to provide students an opportunity to obtain skills in lifetime and recreational activities for use in their leisure time.  It is strongly recommended that those students who plan to receive the baccalaureate degree from a university complete the physical education requirements for that degree during their freshman and sophomore years at South Plains College.

The majority of classes offered in this department are one hour credit activity courses.  A wide variety of activity options is available to the students.  All students who are seeking an Associate Degree that includes the core curriculum are required to take at least two of these activity classes.

Opportunities for certification in lifeguard training and/or water safety instructor are available to students already proficient in swimming.

Kinesiology activity courses may not be repeated for graduation credit.

Students majoring in Kinesiology should take seven activity courses during their freshman and sophomore years.  It is essential that the prospectiveKinesiology major consult an advisor in the department before scheduling classes.  Consult you advisor about foreign language requirements.

Departmental chairperson is Jon Marc Moore, professor of physical education.