Fitness Complex FAQ


How much does it cost to use the Fitness Complex for full-time students?

Nothing, Zip, Zilch...but you will need to bring your student ID.


I am not a student, can I still get access to the Fitness Complex?

YES! We are open to the community. Click here for more information on pricing.


I am not a full-time student, can I still use the Fitness Complex?

YES! There is a nominal fee based on the number of hours you are taking ($10-$45). This fee will allow you to gain access for the remainder of the semester.


I don't have a student ID, can I still get in?

NO...everyone must have an ID. Students may get an ID made in the Student Activities office. located in the game room in the Student Union Building.


What if I was a full-time student, but I dropped a class?

You would be required to pay a fee, based on the number of hours you are currently taking.


What if I lost my keytag, or it is broken?

Simply notify the front desk, they will make you a new one.