Levelland VN Program Entrance Requirements

ENTRANCE REQUIREMENTS for the LVN Program on the Levelland Campus: ALL students who are applying for the Vocational Nursing Program MUST be TSI compliant.  All students must take and pass the LVNEE (LVN Entrance Examination) in order to receive an application.

Completion of prerequisite courses will be required before admission to all Vocational Nursing programs at South Plains College.

Required pre-requisite courses are:
Math 0120 Mathematics for Vocational Nursing
VNSG 1420 Anatomy & Physiology for Allied Health
VNSG 1222 Vocational Nursing Concepts

1. Complete the requirements for admission to South Plains College. Admission to South Plains College DOES NOT guarantee admission to the Vocational Nursing Program.

2. The application to Vocational Nursing Program will be given to you upon passing the LVNEE.
a. The test is given on preset testing dates.
b. To set up an appointment to take the test, please contact the Testing Center: 806-716-2530

3. An official copy of your high school transcript and/or GED scores, and college transcripts if applicable, must be submitted with your application packet.

NOTE: Those students selected for admission to the Vocational Nursing Program will have a criminal background check prior to entering the program.  Click here to see the Criminal Background Certification.


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For more information, contact Sue Ann Lopez, Dean of Health Occupations