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In the fall of 2009 South Plains College opened the Center for Clinical Excellence (CCE), a state of the art facility that utilizes the latest technology to educate health occupation students on the South Plains. The CCE was partially funded by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Community-Based Job Training Grant. South Plains College along with other key partners in the community and the health care industry completed the funding of the CCE.

The CCE is home to the Clinical Informatics Center where students have access to interactive learning simulations, virtual IV trainers and computer assisted instruction. The CCE’s staff serve as a technology resource for faculty and students alike. SIMSPC is a simulated hospital environment complete with advanced patient simulators, medical equipment and supplies. SIMSPC provides a realistic learning experience in a safe setting. Students engage in clinical scenarios which replicate patient care situations. The advanced patient simulators interact with and respond to student interventions. This interaction requires students to utilize critical thinking and decision making skills. It also provides the opportunity to practice newly learned skills and procedures.

The Center for Clinical Excellence is utilized by Health Occupation programs such as; Associate Degree Nursing, Vocational Nursing, Emergency Medical Services & Respiratory Therapy. The CCE also serves as a resource for our clinical partners and provides tours and hands-on experiences for local schools and community organizations.



The Center for Clinical Excellence is dedicated to providing a simulated clinical experience where students integrate theory and practice, critically think, and utilize the latest technology to ensure safe patient care.In order to accomplish its mission, the Center for Clinical Excellence is committed to the following purposes:
       ~To provide a quality educational experience for Health Occupation students at SPC; 
       ~Serve as a resource to faculty during the development, implementation and evaluation of simulation
      ~To provide students the opportunity to acquire skills for communication, critical thinking and problem-     
               solving through the use of simulation and technology;
      ~To provide additional clinical experiences to accommodate increased numbers of students;
      ~To work in partnership with others in the community to provide programs, resources and educational     



Simulation Policies

Policy & Procedures       User & Confidentiality & Audio-Video Agreement


Orientation Videos

We encourage all students to watch the following orientation videos prior to clinical experiences at SIMSPC: 


OrientationVideo   SIMSPC SimMan3G Orientation Video

 Nursing Anne Simulator Clinical Overview

Thumbnail1  SIMSPC Patient Monitor Orientation

thumbnail 4  SIMSPC Headwall-Oxygen Orientation

thumbnail 6  UAB Simulation Pre-Briefing

thumbnail 7  SIMSPC Bed Orientation

 Alaris PC IV Pump  How to Program an Alaris Pump + IV Infusion Setup

 Alaris Peds Syringe Pump  Alaris 8110 Syringe Pump Training-Pedi


Skills Practice

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Tanya Ward


Laura Olvera

Don Sarchet



Tanya Ward, MSN RN

Simulation Coordinator


Laura Olvera, MSN RN

Simulation Nurse


Don Sarchet, BSBM

Simulation Technology Specialist



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General Information Email: simspc@southplainscollege.edu


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