Allergic Reactions

¨  Difficulty breathing

¨  Swelling around neck, eyes, face

¨  Place head and neck back

¨  Seek medical attention


(including gunshot wounds and amputations)

¨  Bleeding

¨  Broken Skin

¨  Pain

¨  Remove/cut clothing from injured area

¨  If wounded in torso, apply hard pressure and wrap tightly

¨  For minor bleeding of extremity, apply pressure to stop bleeding and apply bandages

¨  For major bleeding of extremity, apply tourniquet. Wrap and tie extremity with band, cloth, or similar material. Place tourniquet at the highest possible point above extremity. Place any stick like device in knot of tourniquet and twist to tighten. Tighten until bleeding stops regardless of pain/effect on extremity

¨  Seek medical attention

Breaks & Fractures

¨  Severe Pain

¨  Possible protruding bone and dislocation

¨  Immobilize area with splint made from boards, magazines or pillow

¨  Seek medical attention


¨  1st Degree: red or discolored

¨  2nd Degree: blisters or mottled skin

¨  3rd Degree: Charred flesh

¨  Immerse in cold water

¨  Apply clean, dry dressing

¨  Seek medical attention


¨  Difficulty Breathing

¨  Unable to talk

¨  Heimlich Maneuver


¨  Falling, frothing at the mouth

¨  Stiffening of the body

¨  Jerky, uncontrollable movement

¨  Unconsciousness


¨  Clear area of sharp objects

¨  Loosen tight clothing

¨  Do not restrain

¨  When convulsions subside, turn on left side and closely watch breathing

¨  Call EMS (9-1-1)


Dog Bites

¨  Jagged wound

¨  Sometimes bleeding and pain


¨  Control bleeding with pressure

¨  Wash around wound w/ soap & water

¨  Identify animal if possible

¨  Seek medical attention

¨  Call SPC Police Department


Eye Injury

¨  Eyes tearing up

¨  Pain and/or discomfort

¨  Do not remove object

¨  Keep patient calm

¨  Seek medical attention