The purpose of the Institutional Effectiveness Committee is to advise, facilitate and monitor the program of institutional effectiveness at South Plains College. This committee is charged with the responsibility to assure the systematic integration of planning and evaluation at all levels; to coordinate the collection, analysis and distribution of data useful for planning and decision-making; to develop and monitor outcome measures of institutional effectiveness; and to facilitate and monitor compliance with SACS accreditation criteria.


The IEC is comprised of 24 appointed members with representation from instructional, student services and administrative support areas of the college. Members are appointed to the IEC by the President of the College as recommended by the Administrative Council. The vice president for institutional advancement, dean of arts and sciences, dean of health occupations, dean of technical education, dean of continuing and distance education,  associate dean of research and reports, and president of the Faculty Senate are ex-officio members of the committee. A representative of the student body is appointed annually by the Student Association Government.

Length of Membership

All appointed members serve staggered four-year terms.  Members may be appointed for consecutive terms.


Chairperson: The chairperson is appointed by the President of the College for a two-year term. The chairperson may serve consecutive terms.

Vice Chairperson: The vice chairperson is selected by the membership of the committee for a two-year term. The vice chairperson works with the chairperson in coordinating committee projects and assignments.

Recorder:  The recorder is appointed by the Chairperson


The IEC meets at least two times in the fall and two times in the spring. The chairperson may call other meetings as needed.