SPC Family Scholarship

The Family Scholarship Program is made possible through the generosity of SPC employees who give monthly to the Family Scholarship Fund through payroll deduction. The program is intended to provide financial assistance to full-time employees and their family members who enroll in certificate/degree plan courses of study. The program also assists full-time employees who enroll in classes that will enhance their job performance.

Eligibility Guidelines
  1. Employees working less than 30 hours per week are not eligible. However, all departmental administrative assistants are eligible.
  2. Temporary and adjunct faculty are not eligible.
  3. Eligibility commences on the semester following 12 consecutive months of full-time employment for staff, or 9 consecutive months of full-time employment for faculty.
  4. Must be enrolled in at least 3 semester hours.

A random drawing of employees meeting the above guidelines and who have submitted their request will be conducted. Names of the recipients will be announced at the Employee Breakfast at the beginning of the Fall and Spring semesters. Number of recipients is dependent upon available funds. Employees and dependents who received a Family Scholarship in the fall semester are not eligible for the spring drawing.

2023 High School Graduate Scholarship

If you wish for your 2023 graduating high school senior to be considered for a Family Scholarship, click here to complete an application form.

Family Scholarship Application

Complete the following to apply for the Family Scholarship drawing.