Behavioral Sciences

The Behavioral Sciences Department encompasses the disciplines of anthropology, humanities, psychology, social work, and sociology.  At SPC, students can major in Psychology, Social Work, or Sociology and are directed to communicate with a faculty advisor to develop degree plans and transfer plans. The objectives of the department include an introduction to basic concepts and theories in these fields and the encouragement of practical application of this knowledge for daily living. Explore more about what SPC and the Behavioral Sciences Department has to offer its students.



Transfer Opportunities

South Plains College is a great place to begin your education! Expedient transferability of the courses you take at SPC is a major priority for the Behavioral Sciences Department.  A student who majors in any of the behavioral sciences will be encouraged to work with an academic advisor or faculty advisor to determine the courses needed for transfer to their university of choice. Explore your opportunities to make the most of your time at South Plains College and transfer to a nearby university.



Student Pathways to Success

College can be overwhelming when you start to think about what classes to take and how will these classes transfer to a four-year institution,the costs associated with earning a degree, and how to ensure the selection of the right career.South Plains College has developed resources to help students increase their knowledge and understanding in these three crucial areas. Learn  more about exploring careers, transfer opportunties, and enhancing your understanding of financial literacy with our Student Pathways to Success.