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How The Wind Sits: The History of Henry and Ann Lemoine, Chapbook Writers and Publishers of the Late Eighteenth Century

During the 18th century, not all books were found in bookstores or libraries. In London, itenerate book salesmen wandered the streets hawking their wares. The books they sold were cheap and often poorly printed, but they represented the beginnings of popular reading among the growing lower classes. Henry and Ann Lemoine were among the most prolific writers and publishers of street literature in the late eighteenth-century and theirs is a story of poverty, greed, prison, and female empowerment. Amazon

Roy book 2

Reading the Self: Print Technologies, Authorship, And Identity Formation In The Eighteenth-Century Marketplace

At one major publishing house, there is a running joke that the second book published on the Gutenberg press was about the death of the publishing business. While this joke is an obvious exaggeration, there is a certain amount of truth that with each advance in technology, with each printing innovation or invention, a similar death dynamic occurred. This was most noticeable during the tumultuous years of the eighteenth century when a veritable flood of printing techniques, business practices, reading formats, and sources for reading material was introduced. The cultural reaction to each new technological change, while not exactly the same in all respects, exhibited a series of characteristics that closely mirrored each other. In each case, readers reacted in various ways against the innovation and supported the traditional publishing industry and, in their reaction, created, modified, and maintained a sense of their own identity. Amazon



Congratulations to our colleague Camy Brunson who presented her poem “Pale Horse” at the CCTE/TCEA conference on March 3-5, 2023, at Midwestern Texas University in Wichita Falls, and won the award for overall best submission to the TCEA Conference! Camy’s poem “Pale Horse” will also be published in the CCTE Studies journal volume due to be released in September/October of this year.

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Coconut Palm Kind of Woman

Coconut Palm Kind of Woman by Nimi Finnigan is a chapbook of poems which explores identity and place. As the poems travel across different landscapes, the island of Haiti and American territories such as Pennsylvania, Louisiana, and West Texas, multiple identities emerge - mother, lover, granddaughter, exile, immigrant - and intimately engage with the different environments. It's a collection of poems about life, about moments of intimacy and isolation with Haiti and its rich history always in the background. Amazon


Answering the Music Man: Dan Barker's Arguments against Christianity 

Dan Barker, ex-preacher and co-founder of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, travels widely, arguing in debates and speaking on his beliefs that Christianity is false, God does not exist, and the Bible is filled with errors and mythology. He has been touted as one of America’s leading atheists. Yet close examination of his arguments shows that Barker’s reasons for disbelief are poorly reasoned and miss the mark as they are aimed at a mistaken caricature of Christian theism. Answering the Music Man exposes Barker’s misunderstandings of Christianity and provides compelling answers to Barker’s arguments. Amazon


Thomism and the Problem of Animal Suffering 

The problem of animal suffering is the atheistic argument that an all-knowing, all-powerful, and all-good God would not use millions of years of animal suffering, disease, and death to form a planet for human beings. This argument has not received as much attention in the philosophical literature as other forms of the problem of evil, yet it has been increasingly touted by atheists since Charles Darwin. While several theists have attempted to provide answers to the problem, they disagree with each other as to which answer is correct. Also, some of these theists have given in to the problem and believe it entails that God is limited in certain ways. B. Kyle Keltz seeks to provide a classical answer to the problem of animal suffering inspired by the medieval philosopher/theologian Thomas Aquinas. In doing so, Keltz not only utilizes the wisdom of Aquinas, but also contemporary insights into non-human animal minds from contemporary philosophy and science. Keltz provides a compelling neo-Thomistic answer to the problem of animal suffering and explains why the classical God of theism would create a world that includes animal death. Amazon



Passe - Partout

 PASSE-PARTOUT is a story of two lives--two narratives centuries apart, both tasked with unraveling the mystery of a hidden magic known as “Writing” and the corruption its practice brings to all who live. Paul Fischer is driven to decipher the corruption of a strange abandoned address in the heart of a metropolis, and the possible cause of his father’s death. Cyprus, a second man separated by untold generations in the past, arrives at the cabin of his mentor Amos, only to find two graves: that of Amos; and one of an unknown woman. Seeking to understand their fate, Cyprus discovers and uses “Writing” to unlock the door between realities. Taking place in realities not our own, the two men discover the horrors binding their fates together with creatures from a multitude of Hells conjured to silence them. Amazon