Student Spotlight

Student Spotlight in Mathematics, Computer Science, & Pre-Engineering.

Nancy Munoz 

As a local Levellander, Nancy attended SPC after graduation from Levelland High.  

Academically, Nancy rocked!  She was the recipient of multiple scholarships including the Musselwhite Award, Shell Pre-Engineering, Smallwood Scholarship and the Charles Miller scholarship all the while also being named Outstanding Student and Top Female for Mathematics, Computer Science, and Engineering both her freshman and sophomore years.  Whilemaintaining a 3.9 grade point averag, Nancy was amember of the President’s List for fall 2015, spring 2016, and fall 2016, and became inducted into the Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society. 

Subsequently, she was awarded an internship with Stanford University and the Department of Energy.

Nancy served as S.E.A.R.C.H. Club President, Catholic Student Ministry President, Pay It Forward President, and STAR Center President.  She created the Women in Mathematics, Computer Science, & Engineering Club as she strived to increase diversity in a field of study that needs more women and minorities among its numbers.

She was an University Innovation Fellows participant, represented the South Plains College campus as a Campus Ambassador and Hostess for the Texan Club, and was named the 2017 Homecoming Queen.

Why did you choose SPC?

Growing up in Sundown, which is about 15 minutes away from SPC, I was used to theNancy Munoz, President Student of the Year, 2017


What advice would you give incoming students?

The biggest piece of advice I would give the incoming studnets!

What is your favorite memory of SPC?

There are far too many memories to try to .

What are you doing now?

I am currently the Defensive Coordinator for Snyder High School’s football team. This is my first year here! I also am coaching Powerlifting and Track. I teach high school math. I love math! Math was my favorite subject growing up in school and I was always really good at it! This is my 4th year teaching and 7th year coaching.

Nancy Munoz, UIF

What educational accomplishments are you most proud of? Why?

To me, being an educator that is a part of the educational process is what I am most proud of. I had a teacher in high school, Mrs. Precure, who made learning math fun and exciting. She made a huge impact on my educational life which led me to becoming a teacher myself. I wanted to impact lives exactly the way she did for the many years she taught. To be an educator and to have the opportunity to make an ever-lasting impact in a person’s life every day is a blessing and an honor. When I am teaching a student a concept in math and they have that “ooooh” moment when they finally understand how to find the answer, that is one of the greatest feelings on earth! Or when I am coaching an athlete on the field and they do what you ask them to with maximum effort regardless of the outcome, there is no other feeling like it! But the biggest impact that I strive to have is one that will last outside of the realm of the classroom or football field. I want to be able to positively impact a person’s life and if they learn math or improve as an athlete on the way, then th

  • - Thomas Spencer, Sr. recipient, 2015

  • - UIF, established 2015, is a 4-day Silicon Valley event visiting Google, Stanford University, & Microsoft.

  • - President Student of the Year, 2017

  • - CAS team 2009

  • Kaleb Corder, Texas Tech engineering graduate, 2018

    Kaleb Corder, Texas Tech engineering graduate, 2018 - Thomas Spencer Award recipient

Sky Rojas- South Plains College Class of 2016

skyrojasWhy did you choose SPC?

Coming from a tiny high school, I knew the transition to college would be smooth and affordable if I went to SPC. 

What advice would you give incoming students?

HAVE FUN and don't work yourself to death! School can be tough! Find something you enjoy throughout the process! Personally I enjoyed the community, the genuine friends I made, and being part of organizations that helped me grow as a person. 

What is your favorite memory of SPC?

I have plenty! My favorite memory at SPC would have to be when I was a student athletic trainer! 

What are you doing now?

Currently I am furthering my education to become a physical education/health teacher. I am also an L1 CrossFit trainer, and work as a personal trainer as well.

What educational accomplishment are you most proud of?

As a first generation college student, the accomplishment I am most proud of is venturing out of state to graduate with my B.S in Exercise Science!