Student Spotlight


Britt Bearden

Government Instructor and Former SPC Student

My interest in government is something that I came by naturally. I had a political family and can vividly remember voting in a mock election as a kid in 2000 when George Bush was running against Al Gore. 

During school, government and history were by far my favorite subjects. Before heading to college, I was able to take a number of South Plains College Dual Credit courses at my high school, including government. My government professor, Mr. McGee, showed me that teaching was not only fun but also rewarding. 

Following high school, I attended Texas Tech University as a business major. However, during a class one day, I realized I did not have a passion for a business career, and I changed my major to political science. While in college, I interned in the U.S. Capitol and worked for a U.S. Congressman. After my internship, I went back for my senior year and graduated with a job offer from the Congressman I interned for to help out on his reelection campaign in 2014. 

My internship and work on a political campaign showed me that while I enjoyed learning about government, I didn’t necessarily want any sort of political career. My parents were both teachers and never pushed me toward their own career path. However, their influence, as well as Mr. McGee, helped me figure out that teaching government was my ultimate career path. 

I continued my education, eventually receiving a Masters of Political Science from Texas Tech with a focus on American Government and political behavior. My timing could not have been better, as a job opportunity came available at South Plains College. South Plains College gave me an education, helped enhance my passion for government, and has put so many incredible people into my life. It is a great community of supportive professors and role models and a wonderful place to learn as well as teach.