Program Overview

The Heating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology program is designed to train the student to install, service and repair residential and commercial heating and air conditioning for both domestic and commercial refrigeration units. Specific areas of training include refrigeration theory, piping procedures, electrical controls, service techniques, troubleshooting techniques, equipment selection and the installation and maintenance of most equipment, including heat pumps.
Heating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration is an important technical field; everyone has air conditioning and heating units in their house and we use refrigeration technology everywhere. From keeping our personal food supplies cool all the way to the medical field using freezers to keep certain medicines and supplies at a proper temperature.
Upon completing the course, the student will be well versed in the refrigeration and electrical aspects of the trade. The course is a hands on, lab based course, that provides the student with the skills needed to be a successful technician. In addition the student must pass an industry approved competency test (capstone) at the end of the course to graduate.
Residential Air Conditioning Installation Certificate graduates will acquire basic knowledge of residential systems and installation skills. Also students will be EPA 608 universally certified in refrigerant usage and will be ARI certified in I.C.E. Residential Gas Furnaces.
Commercial Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Certificate graduates will acquire basic knowledge of the skills in maintaining, servicing, and troubleshooting - commercial heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems. This includes equipment such as heat pumps, chillers, ice machines and refrigerated display cases. There will be an emphasis placed on electronic/computer controls that are currently used in the industry. The student will receive NATE certification in residential Air Conditioning Installation and/or Service upon completion of capestone requirements.
HART also offers continuing education units that meet the TDLR requirements and the NATE requirements.
These programs are only offered at the Heating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration Department, Levelland Campus
Program advisor is Benny Morris, program coordinator and instructor in heating, air conditioning and refrigeration technology.