In order to maintain compliance with TEC Section 51.253(a) and (c) reporting, reports to the president (quarterly) and the Board of Regents (at least one per term) will be made in the month following the end of the quarter. This new reporting requirement will be outlined in the upcoming revision to SPC Policy FH.


Quarter                       President Report              Regent Report

1 (Sept – Nov)            mid-December                 January meeting

2 (Dec – Feb)            mid-March                         April meeting

3 (Mar – May)           mid-June                            August meeting

4 (June – Aug)          mid-September                 October meeting





Regents--TitleIX Report--2022-2023-Q4

Regents--TitleIX Report--2022-2023-Q3

Regents--TitleIX Report--2022-2023-Q2

Regents--TitleIX Report--2022-2023-Q1


Regents--TitleIX Report--2021-2022-Q4

Regents--TitleIX Report--2021-2022-Q3

Regents--TitleIX Report--2021-2022-Q2

Regents--TitleIX Report--2021-2022-Q1


Regents--TitleIX Report--2020-2021-Q4

Regents--TitleIX Report--2020-2021-Q3

Regents--TitleIX Report--2020-2021-Q2

Regents--Title IX Report--2020-2021-Q1


Regents--Title IX Report--2019-2020-Q4

Regents--Title IX Report--2019-2020-Q3

Regents--Title IX Report--2019-2020-Q2

Regents--Title IX Report--2019-2020-Q1