Financial Literacy = Financial Wellness 

South Plains College is focused on improving each student’s life. One way this can be accomplished is by providing valuable tools to help students understand the importance of financial wellness. This knowledge will prove beneficial during your collegiate experience but will also be a helpful skill that will benefit you throughout life.   

This video provides great insight into the concept of financial literacy and how to create financial wellness.  


Understanding the costs associated with college is an important part of one’s overall foundation to discerning your financial needs.

Take a closer look at the Cost of Attendance for South Plains College and utilize the Net Price Calculator to help in determining your overall college expenses. 

The college offers two courses that are designed to help students gain a sense of financial empowerment. The courses are EDUC 1300 - Educational Frameworks and BUSI 1307/BUSG 1304 – Personal Finance/Financial Literacy.

Watch these videos for more insight into the importance of taking a course geared towards enhancing one’s financial literacy leading to financial wellness: