Executive Staff Compensation Report

As required by Texas Government Code, Section 659.026 (b), South Plains College makes available for public inspection an Executive Staff Compensation Report. To access the College's latest report, select the link below. (PDF document requires Adobe Reader to view.)

Executive Staff Compensation Report, 2018-19

As required by Texas Government Code, Section 659.0201 (c), the South Plains College Board of Regents has adopted the following Policy Statement regarding the use of gifts designated for salary supplementation.

B. Local Governance (Policy)
BKDA. Prohibition of Gifts Designated for Use as Salary Supplementation
Due to possible conflicts of interest, South Plains College shall not accept gifts, grants, donations or other forms of consideration designated by a donor to be used for the sole purpose of salary supplementation for a designated employee, person, or position within the College District.
Date Issued: January 12, 2017
Approved: Board of Regents