Direct Deposit Designation

To access the direct deposit option, go to ourwebsite,  Login to MySPC and choose Texan Connect under the main menu to access self-service.   Click on the "Student Bill/Refund Choice" option and select the“Direct Deposit Refund Account" link.  You will then be directed to the TouchNet payment center where you should receive a pop-up guiding you to the refund choice page to make your selection (or choose Electronic Refunds if you are changing your designation).  See #1 below if you receive a login screen instead of your account information with a refund method pop-up.


Refund Disbursement Schedules

Student refunds will be disbursed to students' bank accounts per the disbursement schedules linked below. 

Fall & Spring



ALL students need to make a direct deposit refund account designation through Student Finance in self-service.  All new and returning students must update their account designation in the system once registered for classes.  Please take note of the following FAQ’s:

  1. You must have registration activity for Fall 2018 or later before the system will allow you to access the TouchNet portal. 
    1. If routed to a screen with an orange header prompting for student and staff or authorized user credentials, please check to make sure you are currently enrolled in classes.
    2. If you are enrolled in courses and still receive this error, please try clearing your browser history and trying again. If this does not work, please try a different browser (such as FireFox or Chrome, but NOT Safari). 
  2. EVERY student needs to enter account information to receive a direct deposit refund. Once account info is entered in the system, you should not need to designate again unless you wish to change accounts in the future. 
  3. If you currently have a debit card issued from Herring Bank in a prior year and would like to continue using this for your student refunds, you will need to call Herring Bank using the number on the back of the debit card (866-348-3435), request your routing and account number, and enter this information as your direct deposit designation.  (In addition, South Plains College can no longer issue new or replacement Herring Bank MasterCard debit cards effective July 2018.)