Educational Partners

Virtual College of Texas

The mission of the Virtual College of Texas is to provide all Texans access via instructional technologies to quality instruction and support wherever they may live, regardless of geographic, distance, or time constraints. South Plains College is a member of the Virtual College of Texas.

Lubbock Economic Development Alliance

Lubbock Economic Development Alliance is a non-profit corporation responsible for creating, managing, and supervising programs and activities for the purposes of promoting, assisting, and enhancing economic development within and around the city of Lubbock.

WorkForce Solutions South Plains

WorkForce Solutions is directly responsible for the regions economic growth through the oversight and implementation of employment, job training, and business development activities on the South Plains.

Texas Association of Community Colleges

South Plains College is a member of the Texas Association of Community Colleges, an organization comprised of the state's 50 community college districts.

South Plains Closing the Gaps Coalition, a P-16 Partnership

The mission of The South Plains Closing the Gaps Coalition is to collaborate to connect students, families and communities to PK-16 education. Through collaborative partnerships, networks and shared resources, the Coalition will work to alleviate economic, cultural and political barriers in order to facilitate access, participation and success in educational opportunities beyond high school.

College for all Texans

College for Texans is a project of the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board designed to provide information and resources to assist Texans in participating in Higher Education.

The High Ground of Texas

The High Ground of Texas is a coalition of communities and organizations cooperatively marketing this region of Texas.