Title V Grant Projects


End Game Grant-2021

South Plains College  received a five-year $2.46 million federal grant from the United States Department of Education beginning Oct. 1, 2020. The grant, “ENDGAME: Graduation and Transfer Success for Hispanic and Low-Income Students” will be funded for the first year at $473,046 and will be used to significantly benefit students, employees, the college, and the community as a whole.

Grant funds will support Bridges to Success, college readiness improvement, course redesigns, retention maximization, increased course completions, improved graduation/transfer rates and reduced student debt. The project is anticipated to result in a $1.8 million annual increase in retention, completion and success point funding for the college.

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Target Years: Title 5 Leadership Academy

Year One-Summer 2021: Faculty who teach developmental/corequisite classes.
(EDUC 1300,  INRW, and COREQ Math)
Year Two-Summer 2022: Faculty who teach high-risk math classes.
(MATH 1316, MATH 1324, MATH 1332, MATH 1314,  and MATH 1342)
Year Three-Summer 2023): Faculty who teach high-risk ELA classes.
(ENGL 1301 and ENGL 1302)
Year Four-Summer 2024: Faculty who teach high-risk science/technology classes.
(BIOL 1406, BIOL 2401, BIOL 1411, BIOL 1413, BCIS 1305, and CHEM 1411)
Year Five-Summer 2025: Faculty who teach high-risk behavioral/social sciences classes.
(HUMA 2319, HUMA 2323, PSYC 2301, PSYC 2314, GOVT 2306, and HIST 1302)


Title V Leadership Academy Fellows

2021 Cohort 

Karol Albus

Jennifer Bartlett

Dr. Roy Bearden-White

Gina Becker

Leah Chenault

Phyllis Cormier

Emily Gilbert

Denise Johansen

Alma Lopez

Raylene Nuffer

Sharon Race

Dr. Elaine Ramzinski

Lesley Shelton

Dr. Erika Warnick


2022 Cohort 

             Karol Albus                    

             Gina Becker                  

             Jerod Clopton                   

             Phyllis Cormier                   

             Rebecca Darby                   

             Shirley Davis                   

             Jody Dean                   

             Dr. Jay Driver                   

             Jacque Fowler                   

             Morgan Groves                   

Dr. Sheyleah Harris-Plant     

Dr. Taek Hyun Jang     

Denise Johansen     

Thomas Johnson     

Dr. Joshua Keneda     

Dr. Ramesh Krishnan     

Alma Lopez     

Robert Plant     

Traci Sanders     

Evan Vargas