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Departmental Blackboard Help

Departmental Blackboard Help

The Departmental Blackboard Help will provide basic assistance with Blackboard for you and your colleagues within your department during this transition of course redesign. Reach out to your "Blackboard Buddy" during this upcoming fall semester. This embedded personnel will serve two purposes: a). Many faculty feel most comfortable with asking peers within their departments and b). this will help alleviate the immense load that Amy and Heather would encounter trying to help over 400 faculty with Blackboard redesign on top of what they normally do. 

As a departmental liaison, you are asked to: a). help faculty with Blackboard needs, ideas, and troubleshooting b). serve as a sounding board for the administrators as new ideas and issues arise.

Arts and Sciences:

Behavioral Science: Marcie Miller 

Biology: Amanda Rakhshandeh

Business Admin: Michela Heth

College Literacy and Education: Kristi Barker

Communications: Hilary Nixon and Rebecca Green

English: Mackenzie Escamilla and Katherine Jackson

Fine Arts: Deborah Gelber

Kinesiology: Ryan Heth 

MECS: Jerod Clopton (LEV/Plainview) and Robert Plant (Reese/Lubbock)

Science: Dave Cleavinger

Social Science: Tim Holland (Government or Levelland) and Abel Rios (History or Reese/LBB)


Technical Education:

Industrial Technology, Levelland – Jimmy Stratton

Professional Services/Energy – Kenny Burns and John Barnes and Sarah Thompson

Creative Arts – Brent Wheeler

Industrial Tech/Prof. Service @ Lubbock Career and Technical Center – Natalie Osuna


Allied Health:

Nursing: RNSG OPEN and VNSG Jennifer Steffy and Tara Strawn

Physical Therapist Assistant Program: Kevin Beaugh

XRadTech: Clinton Bishop