SPC to offer NRA Personal Protection In The Home course 

LEVELLAND – South Plains College will offer the NRA Personal Protection In the Home course on Saturday, April 15th in room 115 of SPC’s Law Enforcement Technology building. 

Personal Protection In The Home is a vital course for anyone who keeps a pistol at home for self-defense, and is an excellent tactical follow-up for anyone who has a License To Carry. It is also a recommended course for teachers and staff whose school is considering allowing them to be armed, and it is a required prerequisite for the more advanced Personal Protection Outside the Home course. It requires that the participant can handle a firearm safely and shoot with some degree of accuracy. It is not a Basic Pistol course for beginners. 

The classroom portion covers defensive shooting skills, firearms and the law, how to choose a handgun for self-defense, and how to respond to a violent confrontation in the home. It also includes hardening the house against burglars, and creating a safe room in case of a home invasion. The range portion will be taught in the South Plains College Law Enforcement indoor range, and includes shooting from cover and concealment while standing and while kneeling, breaking tunnel vision, flash sight picture, point shooting, verbal challenge drills, and more. Students will need to bring their pistol and at least 125 rounds of ammunition for the range portion. 

The instructor is Dr. Mike Felker, an NRA Advanced Pistol instructor, Texas License To Carry a Handgun instructor, and Texas School Safety Certification instructor. 

The class will begin at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday with breaks every hour and a one-hour break for lunch. Because the tactical shooing portion is so intense, when the class will end depends on the number of students. 

This is an eight- to ten-hour advanced pistol course. The cost is $100. Students need to register and pay in advance; because of the range requirements, space is limited to fifteen students. To register, call Kasey Reyes, administrative assistant for the Division of Continuing and Distance Education, at (806) 716-2341 or email kreyes@southplainscollege.edu.