Registered Sex Offenders

The SPC Police Department is the “authority for campus security” for South Plains College. Therefore, in compliance with the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure Article 62.153 any sex offender who is employed, carries on a vocation, or is a student at South Plains College will report that fact to the SPC Police Department no later than:

  • the seventh day after the date on which the person begins work or attends school OR
  • the first date the person is allowed to register,

whichever of the two is later. Additionally, any sex offender described above shall notify the SPC Police Department not later than the seventh day after the date of termination of the person's status as a worker or student at SPC.

Once the SPC Police Department is notified, students may be required by the Dean of Students or their designated school official to participate in a meeting outlining conduct expectations while attending the college.  

Those seeking employment at SPC will disclose their status during the application process and may be required to participate in a meeting with the Director of Human Resources to outline conduct expectations while employed at the college.

For more information, please contact the SPC Police Department or at (806) 716-2396. Be aware that simply calling, leaving voicemail, or emailing alone does not meet the requirements for sex offender registration. 

In accordance with Texas Code of Criminal Procedure Article 62.009, SPC is not mandated to release a listing of students or personnel who have notified the SPC Police Department of their status as a registered sex offender.  South Plains College is not liable under any law for damages arising from the conduct of others for not publishing this information. 

Public listing of registered sex offenders can be found on The Texas Public Sex Offender Website.