Dual Credit Admission Requirements

Students are encouraged to turn in all paperwork as soon as possible. To avoid complications, applications for fall semester should be turned in no later than August 1 and no later than December 1 for spring semester.

  • Meet with High School Counselor
    Students wishing to participate should talk with their parent/guardian and high school counselor before enrolling. The high school counselor can determine if student is eligible and help student develop a plan. 

  • Complete an Application for Admission  at apply.southplainscollege.edu
    • When creating an account, please DO NOT use a high school email address.
    • Students will receive an acceptance email within 24-hours of submitting the dual credit application.
    • Please make sure to check SPAM/JUNK folder for acceptance email.

  • Meet Testing Requirements
    All students in the Dual Credit program taking academic courses must satisfy Texas Success Initiate (TSI) requirements and/or prerequisite requirements for all college level courses. Students taking career/technical courses are exempt from any TSI prerequisites. 

    All students are not required to show college readiness in all three areas (reading, writing and math), but only for the course(s) they wish to take. For example, students taking English-1301 will only need to show college readiness in reading and writing, since no math score is required for the class.
    TSI Quick Reference (pdf)

 TSI Exemption Scores
(Scores are good for only five years)

      STAAR EOC                     SAT                          ACT *                             TSI
 English III 4000  EBRW  480 English  19 Reading  351
 Algebra II 4000  Math 530  Math  19  Math  350


 23  Writing

 340 + 4 Essay 

310 MC+5 Essay+4 ABE

*Cannot claim an ACT exemption on Math or English if Composite Score is not met first.

Temporary TSI Waiver Scores 
                 STAAR EOC*                                                                      PSAT/NMSQT**
                                                                                                                       Administered on October 15, 2015 or after
 English II  4000 Evidence Based Reading & Writing(EBRW)   460
 Algebra I +
must have completedAlgebra 2
with passing grade
 4000  Mathematics


STAAR scores are only valid for one year and must be used for courses taken during a students Junior year.

**Can only be used while still in high school. PSAT 8/9 and PSAT 10 cannot be used.