How is dual credit different from AP Credit?


Dual Credit

Advanced Placement




Dual Credit refers to the process by which a high school student enrolls in a college course and receives academic credit for the course, from both the college and the high school.

Advanced Placement (AP) allows students to take courses and exams that might potentially earn college credit or placement.




 College Credit





Credit is awarded when the student passes the course.


College credit can be granted if the student passes the AP examination with a particular college's desired score.

Students seeking credit through AP exam scores should note that individual college and universities, not the College Board AP Program, grant course credit.


Instructional Staff

Taught by college faculty and/or credentialed high school teachers who serve as adjuncts for the college.


Taught by high school teachers.





College credit earned through "dual credit" is accepted at all public colleges and universities across the state of Texas.

Students can verifty the transferability of credit by talking with their desired college or university.

AP credit may be accepted by institutions across the state of Texas, but acceptance is not guaranteed.

Most institutions will require a minimum AP score of 3, for course credit to be consider advanced placement towards a bachelor's degree.



Dual Credit courses are offered at the high school, the college campus, through interactive video and online.


AP courses are taught exclusively on the high school campus.