South Plains College contracts with Great Western Dining for food service in the Texan Hall (cafeteria) and the Grill (aka, Snack Bar).


Per Great Western policy employees will use the following procedure for reporting to work:

  • All employees will enter through the same door in the back of the cafeteria.
  • All workers will have their temperature taken.
  • Each person will complete the self-screening process.
  • All employees will wear gloves.
  • Workers will follow the face covering policy of South Plains College.

Procedures for service in Texan Hall and the Grill will follow CDC food service and hygiene guidelines.

  • There will be NO self-serve items available (ice cream, self-made salad, deserts, etc.).
  • All food service lines will be protected by plexiglass or glass shields to help with separation while serving the food.
  • All food will be served by Great Western employees. A customer's food selection (hot meal and/or salad with toppings of their choice) will be placed in clam-shell boxes and given to each student.All boxes, silverware, and cups will be disposable.
  • Each customer will be given a paper cup and they must go get another cup if they want another serving (i.e., no self-serve refills).
  • Utilizing both dining halls for seating (including Sundown Room) will be critical for adequate separation while eating. Peak eating hours will be monitored to ensure appropriate physical distancing.
  • Markers will be placed on the floor showing social distancing distances between customers while waiting in food line.

Boxed meals that were available on the student meal plan at the Grill will be available in the Cafeteria as Grab-and-Go (e.g., hamburger meals, chicken nuggets, etc).