Program Outcome Data 

                                    ADN Program Outcomes

Program outcomes are used to evaluate whether graduates meet established levels of achievement set by the program along with those of our accrediting agencies.  Assessment of these outcomes are used by the program for program improvement.  The outcomes used by the ADN Program are:  Licensure pass rate (NCLEX-RN), Completion Rates, and Placement Rates.

   NCLEX-RN Pass Rates :(Aggregated Data) 


2024 ---  In Progress (December 2023 cohort 100% pass rate)

2023 --- 79.05

2022 --- 50.65%

2021 --- 64.29%

2020 --- 95.52%

2019 --- 92.42%

   Completion Rate: (Aggregated Data)

ADN Program Outcomes 2018-2023 (Click to see Completion Rate Table)

     Placement Rates: (Aggregated Data)


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