Student Success Resources

At SPC Advising, we strive to make the best resources available to our students. Below you will find tools ranging from Time Management to Study Skills! We have made these resources available for all students, and encourage students to visit with an advisor to clarify any questions or issues they may have.

We strongly recommend students who are beginning their first semester visit with an advisor early in their college career to make sure they are on the right track. 

Printable Resources

 Time Management Resources

Weekly Schedule - Type I

Weekly Schedule - Type II

How to Manage Your Time                            


 Note Taking Resources

Note Organizer

Outline Notes Example

Mind Map Notes Example

Cornell Notes Format

Cornell Notes Example

Cornell Notes Math Format

Cornell Notes Math Example

 Study Skills Resources               

SQ3R Method

 Other Resources 

Communication Etiquette

Syllabus Content Oraganization Worksheet

Transfer Planning Worksheet


Online/App Resources

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dropbox duolingo evernote itunesu