Academic Probation

Students are placed on academic probation at the end of any term when a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.00 is not attained in college-level courses. Students are not subject to academic probation until a minimum of six semester hours of college-level course work at South Plains College has been attempted. Students on academic probation will be allowed to enroll in the next term, but may not register for more than 16 hours of college-level course work unless special permission is granted by the appropriate Instructional Division Dean.

Students who enroll while they are classified as being on academic probation may continue to enroll in succeeding terms providing they achieve at least a 2.00 GPA each term, even though their cumulative GPA is still below 2.00. Students will be removed from academic probation only when they have raised their cumulative GPA to at least 2.00.

When a student has been placed on academic probation, he/she should immediately contact his/her advisor and the Advising and Testing Center. Students will be blocked from self-registration until they have met with their advisor and completed the appropriate paperwork. South Plains College offers a number of services to students who are experiencing difficulty with achievement in their courses and programs.

A student on academic probation will not be eligible to hold any collegiate or elective office during the semester in which he/she is on academic probation. Students on academic probation are required to attend regularly all classes in which they are enrolled. Persistent absence from classes will be grounds for dismissal from the college.

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