The Biology department offers a wide diversity of science classes, each with unique space and equipment requirements to improve student learning. From microbiology to A&P to botany labs, we maintain learning spaces that welcome and encourage students to get hands-on with the material they are studying. 

Anatomy & Physiology Labs

A&P labs present students with a variety of anatomical models to study, corresponding to the various systems being studied at that time.  The new classrooms offer the ability to study lab models while learning lecture material. The Helen DeVitt Jones Student Learning Center and SPC Library also keeps select A&P models on reserve for student use outside of normal building hours. 

A&P Classroom

Anatomy lab 

Biology Labs

Biology I & II students work in some of the most recently updated labs in the building. These open and organized spaces keep students focused using state-of-the-art microscopes, bringing students to the latest discoveries with polymerase chair reactions and electrophoresis techniques,  and encouraging understanding of plants and animals through study of dissections and models.  

Zoology Classroom

Botany Greenhouses and Garden

Botany students are able to dig in and create their own plants, learning propagation, plant identification, and planting techniques. In the garden, students are able to learn how they can take information from the classroom and put it into practice. 

Botany Classroom

Class meeting in garden


Microbiology Lab

The Microbiology lab allows students to work in small groups, preparing slides and identifying various bacterial specimens. 

Microbiology Classroom

Microbiology lab