Scholarships that Showcase Your Talents

Activity scholarships are awarded to students who participate in various showcase activities at South Plains College. Applicants must submit an SPC Scholarship Application and be enrolled as a full-time student (12 semester hours minimum). Recipients are required to be enrolled in specific courses relating to the activity and to comply with participation requirements as established by the awarding department. Contact the department for specific information concerning audition, interview or departmental scholarship application.

Activity scholarships are awarded on a regular semester basis and are renewable for subsequent semesters provided the recipient meets the program's criteria. In order to continue to receive the scholarship, recipients must complete a minimum of 12 semester hours with a minimum grade point average of 2.50 in the preceding semester. Amounts for each award range from $100 to $400 per semester, depending on available funds. Please see the contact information for these scholarships.

Commercial Music Ensemble
Contact the Creative Arts Department for information at (806) 716-2281.

Concert Choir
Contact the Fine Arts Department for information at (806) 716-2261 or (806) 716-2269.

Jazz Band
Contact the Fine Arts Department for information at (806) 716-2261 or (806) 716-2264.

Livestock Judging Team
Contact the Agriculture Program for information at (806) 716-2320.

Contact the telecommunications program for information at (806) 716-2451.

Student Publications
Contact the journalism program for information at (806) 716-2435.

Symphonic Band
Contact the symphonic band director for information at (806) 716-2265.

Texan Cheerleaders
Contact the Athletics Department for information at (806) 716-2221.

Theatre Arts 
Contact the theatre arts program for information at (806) 716-2266.