College-Wide General Scholarships

South Plains College administers a number of scholarship programs that are not limited to a specific major field of study. These scholarships are open to all eligible students. Amounts for each award vary and are dependent upon available funds.

College-wide scholarship awards are offered to students who have exhibited the qualities of scholastic achievement, responsibility and participation, and who most probably will continue this pattern throughout a college career. In general, applicants must graduate in the upper 50 percent of their high school class, be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, and plan to enroll in a degree or certificate program offered by SPC.

Most college-wide scholarship awards vary from $200 to $750 per semester. In order to continue to receive the scholarship after the first semester, recipients must complete a minimum of 12 semester hours with a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA). The minimum GPA required for the scholarship varies from 2.50 to 3.00, depending upon the requirements of the specific scholarship program.

ACT or SAT scores (ACT preferred) are required for consideration. Applicants must enroll as a full-time student (12 semester hours minimum). Currently enrolled college students and transfer students with at least 12 hours of college-level work (excluding dual credit taken in high school) are not subject to this application requirement.

To apply, students must complete and submit an online scholarship application by the March 1 deadline. Applications are evaluated by the SPC Scholarship Committee.

You can access more information about the College-Wide General Scholarships that follow below at the Scholarship Application and Award Portal.