Applying for Scholarships is Easy


A single online scholarship application is used to apply for all scholarships administered by South Plains College. Students may access the Scholarship Application Portal from the following link.

South Plains College Scholarship Application and Award Portal

Students interested in specific activity scholarships should also contact the departments listed in the activity scholarship descriptions concerning interviews, auditions or departmental scholarship applications if applicable.

Application Guidelines 

Students who wish to be considered for scholarships at South Plains College must follow these general guidelines when submitting scholarship applications.

  1. If you are a New Student, apply for Admission to South Plains College through ApplyTexas. Upon acceptance, you will receive a student user name, password and SPC e-mail account. You must have an assigned SPC user name and password in order to sign-in to the Scholarship Application Portal to complete and submit an application. It is recommended that students make application for admission prior to January 15 in order to receive notification of admission, user name and password prior to the scholarship deadline.

  2. Carefully complete the online scholarship application, making sure to answer all questions to the best of your ability. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

  3. Most scholarships require enrollment as a full-time student (12 semester hours minimum) while some are open to part-time students (6 semester hours minimum). All students who plan to enroll in six or more semester hours are encouraged to apply for a scholarship.

  4. Incoming new students and high school dual credit students must include a current official high school transcript. The transcript must contain a listing of all high school courses and grades earned through the fall semester of the senior year. It must also include a listing of current spring courses being taken, estimated class rank, class total, and overall high school grade average. The transcript must be uploaded with the online application.

  5. Incoming new students and high school dual credit students are encouraged to submit ACT or SAT scores (ACT preferred) taken their junior or senior year in high school. Although not required, applicants receive additional points for certain ACT or SAT scores in the evaluation process that can lead to a higher ranking of the applicant for scholarship consideration. Documentation of ACT or SAT scores must be uploaded with the online application.

  6. Transfer students must submit an official transcript from each college attended as of the date of the application. Transcripts must be on file with the Admissions and Records Office prior to the scholarship deadline.

  7. Currently enrolled college students must have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.50 for receiving scholarships. Some scholarship programs require a 3.00 cumulative GPA for currently enrolled students.

  8. To be considered for Program Specific Scholarships, the applicant must indicate an intended major field of study on the ApplyTexas application. The SPC Scholarship Application System will automatch you to Program Specific Scholarships based on your qualifications.

  9. Certain program specific and activity scholarships require a personal interview, audition or separate application. These requirements should be scheduled through the appropriate department before the application deadline.

It is the student's responsibility to ensure that all required materials and documentation, such as complete transcripts and verification of ACT or SAT scores, accompany the completed scholarship application and are uploaded into the Scholarship Application System prior to the application deadline. When possible, the Scholarship Office will attempt to notify the applicant of incomplete documentation. However, as a rule, the Scholarship Office cannot guarantee notification of incomplete scholarship files, especially when applications are received on or shortly before the deadline date. Students are encouraged to submit scholarship applications and required materials early in the process and to contact the Scholarship Office before the deadline date to verify receipt of all necessary materials and documentation. You may contact the office at, or call (806) 716-2219.

Scholarship Application Deadlines

March 2nd of each year is the deadline for submitting completed applications to the South Plains College Scholarship Office for the college-wide scholars awards and scholarships, program specific scholarships and nontraditional student scholarships. The deadline for activity scholarship applications is one week after the beginning of the fall semester. Activity scholarship applications are submitted directly to the specific department.