Expressing Your Appreciation to Donors

Students who receive scholarships at South Plains College are required to write a personal Thank You Note to the donor who has made the scholarship possible. The donor is interested in your success and your plans for the future. So, it is not only important, but also good manners, to express your gratitude to those who have provided the scholarship funds for you.

The Scholarship Office will contact you by email about writing and submitting your Thank You Note.  An instruction letter with handy tips and a sample thank you note will be provided and will serve as a guide in writing your note. You will be asked to submit the note directly to the Scholarship Office by a specified date. The Scholarship Office will deliver your note to the donor.

Failure to submit your Thank You Note will result in forfeiture of your scholarship in the subsequent semester as well as any future scholarships.

Thank you for helping tell SPC scholarship donors that their support in appreciated and that they are making a difference in your life and the lives of other students.

Sample Thank You Note (PDF document requires Acrobat Reader)