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Goal 1

Graduates will be employable and meet the needs of the community

1.1 Graduates will pass the ARRT registry examination on first attempt

1.2 Graduates will find employment 6 months post-graduation

Goal  2

Students will demonstrate effective communication

2.1 Students will effectively communicate in the clinical setting

2.2 Students will effectively communicate in the classroom

Goal 3

Students will be competent when performing radiographic procedures

3.1 Students will appropriately position patients for exams

3.2 Students will demonstrate good radiation protection

Goal 4

Students will demonstrate “problem-solving” and “critical thinking” skills

4.1 Students will correctly manipulate (problem-solving) technical factors (kVp, mA, time) for image production

4.2 Students will be able to ask vital questions (critical thinking) to correctly adapt the radiographic procedure