Rad Tech


Accreditation Status:  JRCERT Accredited (2023).  https://www.jrcert.org/

The program's current length of accreditation is 3 years.  This is the max duration for initial accreditation.

The next site-visit review is scheduled for the second quarter of 2026.


Students in the Program must maintain a 75% minimum in each course to progress to the next semester.

Grades are not rounded up. For example, a 74.8 is still considered a 74.


A = 90-100
B = 80-89
C = 75-79
F = 0-74


Students who successfully complete the requirements and courses of the Program will receive an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in Radiologic Technology.


Students are expected to attend all classes and clinical rotations as scheduled.


Students are always encouraged to utilize their problem-solving abilities in resolving problems/issues that may occur in the classroom or at the clinical site. The student should visit with the student or instructor to resolve the problem. If a satisfactory solution cannot be reached, the student should schedule an appointment with the Radiologic Technology Clinical Coordinator or Program Coordinator, whichever is appropriate. If a satisfactory solution is still not arrived at, the student is encouraged to follow the procedure for Grade and Academic Discipline Appeals outlined in the Student Guide.


It will be the student’s decision to voluntarily declare their pregnancy status. Should a student declare pregnancy, radiation safety will be reviewed and a fetal radiation dosimeter badge will be assigned. A pregnant student may choose to remain in the program or leave the program and return the following year in a reserved spot of the program.


Clinical Education is offered at the following Lubbock locations:

  • Center for Orthopedic Surgery (COS)
  • Covenant Diagnostic Imaging (CDI)
  • Covenant Grace Surgical Hospital (GSH)
  • University Medical Center (UMC)
  • University Medical Center Pavilion (PAV)
  • University Medical Center Medical Office Plaza (MOP)
  • University Medical Center Southwest Medical (SW)
  • University Medical Center Kingspark Medical (KP)


  • Required Radiologic Technology textbooks
  • Trajecsys clinical documentation
  • Navy blue scrubs
  • Castle Branch background check
  • Radiographic right and left markers
  • CPR
  • Current medical physical and immunizations