Safety Protocol: Disruptive Individuals on Campus

  1. Who is a disruptive individual?
  • An individual who makes threats of physical harm to you, others, or themselves.
  • An individual who has a weapon. Refer to ALiCE protocol.
  • An individual who behaves in a bizarre manner or exhibits unstable behavior patterns.
  • An individual who appears to be intoxicated or under the influence of a controlled substance.


  1. What action should I take?
  • Contact SPC Police at 806-716-2396 or dial 911.
  • Give your name and campus location with a brief explanation of the situation.
  • Take note of the individual’s age, personal appearance, clothing, vehicle or any other information that would help identify the individual.


  1. Express your authority with non-verbal cues:
  • Sit or stand erect
  • Square your shoulders
  • Smile and make eye contact
  • Speak clearly and distinctly
  • Maintain a constant voice volume – not too loud


  1. Cues to avoid:
  • Do not touch your face
  • Observe the individual’s personal space – do not stand too close
  • Do not touch the person
  • Do not slouch, glare or sign at the individual


  1. Anger management tactics:
  • Get their attention: Use their name, ask them to sit down
  • Acknowledge their feelings: Paraphrase what they say so they will know you are listening
  • Get them moving: Offer a chair, move them to a private area if possible
  • Offer assistance: Use the word “we” to include them in the solution process
  • Tell them exactly what you can do for them and when
  • Offer an alternative if appropriate
  • Advise co-workers of the potential problem if possible

Call for aid immediately if you sense the situation is getting out of hand