Campus Carry, referring to the legal concealed carry of a handgun by an authorized license holder is permitted in South Plains College Buildings with the exception of exclusion zones. The unintentional display of a handgun by a licensed person due normal motion or movement of clothing during normal activity does not constitute a criminal offense. If you see a firearm:


  1. Notify SPC Police at 806-252-8925 that a gun is visible on campus.
  2. The SPC Police or designee will investigate any report of a gun or other weapon on campus, then:
    1. If the gun is believed not to be on the person, secure the area where the gun is suspected to be and wait for the police to arrive.
    2. If the gun is suspected to be in the person’s immediate possession, but the situation is calm, wait for police to arrive.
    3. The SPC Police or designee will determine the next course of action.
    4. If the person is openly displaying the weapon, call SPC Police immediately, and try to keep the person calm.
  3. Advise all personnel to make no attempt to disarm the weapon holders unless he/she expresses a willingness to relinquish the possession of the weapon.
  4. Establish a line of communication until SPC Police arrive.
  5. If the person discharges the weapon or displays it in a dangerous manner indicating an attempt to shoot, take any action required to preserve life. Follow ALICE training procedures outlined in “Shooter on Campus” section of this manual.




Follow the above guidelines notifying police that shots have been fired. Administer basic first aid until health care professionals arrive.


For more information on Campus Carry please visit