In the event of an injury or health emergency:

  • Any staff member who is first aware of, or is made aware of, an injury or medical emergency should immediately take charge and assess the situation as quickly as possible. This is an important step in that the following action items may have to be performed almost simultaneously:
  1. Call 911
  2. Clear the area
  3. Assign someone to find the AED & start CPR if necessary


  • As a general guide, the following symptoms or visible conditions are sufficient criteria to obtain EMS assistance:


  1. Unconsciousness;
  2. Suffocation or breathing difficulties;
  3. Severe pain (or pain/pressure in chest);
  4. Severe bleeding;
  5. Any other life-threatening or permanently disabling injury or illness.


  • Try to make the injured or ill as comfortable as possible. If the injured individual has sustained a fall or neck/back injury do not move them if at all possible.
  • Once someone with a higher level of medical ability arrives at the scene, relinquish control and stand by to assist or follow that individual’s instructions.
  • If 911 is called, have someone meet the EMS vehicle and escort the crew to the scene.

After the immediate situation has been handled medically, if the incident was due to an accident ensure an accident/injury report is completed at