TORNADO WATCH: A watch is a statement that tornado conditions are present and could occur.


TORNADO WARNING: When a tornado sighting occurs, the National Weather Service alerts all weather stations and local authorities. Emergency Alerts will be sent through the Texan Alert System.




  1. Do not leave your building unless instructed to do so by authorities in charge (SPC police, fire department, civil defense).
  2. Stay away from glass (windows and doors).
  3. Avoid outside walls.
  4. Go to ground-level floors in multi-story buildings.
  5. Do NOT use elevators.
  6. Go to interior rooms without windows.
  7. Never open windows and/or doors.
  8. Stay out of vehicles – do not try to evade a tornado in a vehicle.
  9. ANYONE in a building receiving the TORNADO WARNING is responsible for alerting everyone in that building immediately.
  10. Do not rely completely on an official tornado warning. If you suspect we are in the path of a tornado, take the above actions.
  11. If outside and unable to reach shelter, move to a ditch or hollow and lay down with head covered.

POST-TORNADO: If a tornado passes without striking you, be cautious as there may be other funnels in the area. Usually, more than one tornado does not occur in the same general path following the initial tornado.


  1. Call SPC Police at 806-252-8925, to turn off gas and electricity at the main switches as soon as possible.
  2. Evacuate damaged area cautiously.
  3. Refrain from moving injured people as much as possible. All injured and missing should be reported to SPC Police immediately.
  4. Notification of all damage and injury should be made to the administration as soon as possible.

Retain students in area until deemed safe for release by authorities.