The National Safety Center recommends the following steps when staff members are approaching a fight: 

  1. Call SPC Police at (806) 893-5705 if no response, dial 911.
  2. Promptly walk, don’t run, to the fight so you may visually analyze the situation (scan for weapons) and mentally form a strategy as to your approach.
  3. The moment you come in sight of the altercation, use your best authoritative voice and announce that you are coming and you want those involved to stop immediately.
  4. If possible, while walking to the fight, stop to find other authorized personnel and obtain help from other dorm directors or campus personnel.
  5. Call out to any person you know and start giving orders. Use short, direct commands.
  6. If you know the fighters by name, call out each of their names and let them know you know who they are.
  7. If confronted with weapons (i.e. knife, gun, club) get additional help. If attacked, take action to preserve life. 

As with any crisis situation, responding to a fight takes a clear head. As an adult intervening in a fight, your priorities are as follows: 1) your safety; 2) the safety of surrounding students; and 3) the safety of the fighters. The guidelines are not meant to be rigid rules, but general principles to direct your behavior.