The NSF HSI STEM Initiative Grant is a grant awarded directly to South Plains College. This grant is a planning grant to set up the institution to further STEM advancement at SPC for years to come. The grant will use the next two years to make great strides in planning future summer camps for STEM students. These camps will initially focus on dual credit high school students and first year generation incoming freshman. The grant will also have a faculty summer institute that will focus on the advancement of STEM advising for our STEM majors. 

2023 STEM Camp

Faculty Focused

Advising Institute

We know that academic advising is key to any student’s success in college. We also know that academic advisors, especially faculty serving double duty, don’t get enough training or credit. South Plains College aims to change this by educating faculty academicadvisors on the importance of academic advising in the STEM fields. Just a simple visit to the office can make a far-reaching difference in the realization of college endeavors.  

Summer Camp Planning Committee (Fall 2022)

Join us to plan a week-long summer camp focused on STEM fun and engagement for middle and high school students.

Student Focused

Online Study Tips Micro-Course

Enroll in a short 1 hour, self-paced, online course packed full of tools and resources to help online learners achieve their academic goals.

Virtual STEM Career Fair (Spring 2022)

Listen to SPC Alumni share stories about the paths that an education at SPC lead them on, their advice for current students, and more.

Technology Workshops (Fall 2021)

Fast 20 minute workshops over lunch can change the way to manage your time, research, and organize your class notes.