Course Objectives:

The course will explore the background and techniques of customer interactions. 

  • Define customer service; identify the elements involved in the customer service process; and apply problem-solving techniques to resolve both internal and external customer challenges.
  • Describe the benefits of customer service, identify internal customers, identify the benefits of giving good customer service, and identify how you can help your company to excel.
  • Identify the major trends in customer service today and the combination of criteria required for customer satisfaction.
  • Identify guidelines for handling unreasonable customers, explore ways to handle angry customers, and identify guidelines for handling unhelpful colleagues.

Course Topics:

  • Introduction to Customer Service Practical Application
  • Effective Communication/Increasing Customer Satisfaction
  • Recognizing and Establishing, Mission, Values, Vision, and Goals
  • Customer Service Technology Trends
  • Dealing with Difficult Customers
  • Building Customer Loyalty, Expanding the Business
  • Exceptional Customer Service


MRKG-1000 Customer Service Training

COST: $465 

8-Week Course

Steps Required to Register for Customer Service Training:

Step 1:  Complete the SPC CE Application

Step 2:  Register

Class Offerings